Disney in my frame…

You can’t do that here”…

I must say that i have been removed from the best places in LA. I have been asked, escorted, assisted and advised that what I was doing was illegal and then ushered out.

Fortunate for me, I was able to take these before i was given my walking papers.

To the embarrassment of my fellow traveler and photographer, my brother n law , has long since learned to leave before the security greets me.

Ah, Such is the life and serendipity of following a passion and embracing all that comes with it.


Mt. Whitney in my frame.

For some time I have been traveling and photographing both locally and cross-country. What I haven’t done is print a selection of what I have on film.

For some months I have been practicing in the darkroom to rediscover the process. For now , this is my preferred process as opposed to digitizing and machine print.

I have chosen to start small and work my way up. 4×6 postalettes, better know as real photography post cards.

The photo I’d like to share is an 8×8 size.

Back to the Future

Received a new (old) camera in March, just prior to attending my first large format workshop in Monterey,ca.

It’s been fun and a challenge to sort out how this works, but for those of you who know, the rewards will outmatch the pain.

Result:  This post has been quite while I hone some new skills. Here’s to new efforts and adventures.

Jahari window 

Some time ago I taught a lesson on the Johari Window.  Some of you may be familiar with it, if not, its a quick way to look at ourselves.  A window is broken down into four panes, in referring to ourselves, four ways of being conscience of ourselves. Like this:

Pane 1: there are things that I do not know and you do not know about myself.

Pane 2: there are things that I know about me that you do not know

Pane 3: there are things that you know about me that I do not know and

Pane 4: there are things that I and you know about me.

This is a very long winded way of saying that there is something that I have known that you probably did not.

I have been interested in the next level of photography for some time and out of the generosity and Christmas cheer of my wife, that will soon be made possible.