As millennials take up film photography, darkrooms see a bright future again – The Globe and Mail

Digital cameras and smartphones have shuttered many a film lab over the years, but now an analog comeback is bringing in new business
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Back to the Future

Received a new (old) camera in March, just prior to attending my first large format workshop in Monterey,ca.

It’s been fun and a challenge to sort out how this works, but for those of you who know, the rewards will outmatch the pain.

Result:  This post has been quite while I hone some new skills. Here’s to new efforts and adventures.

Jahari window 

Some time ago I taught a lesson on the Johari Window.  Some of you may be familiar with it, if not, its a quick way to look at ourselves.  A window is broken down into four panes, in referring to ourselves, four ways of being conscience of ourselves. Like this:

Pane 1: there are things that I do not know and you do not know about myself.

Pane 2: there are things that I know about me that you do not know

Pane 3: there are things that you know about me that I do not know and

Pane 4: there are things that I and you know about me.

This is a very long winded way of saying that there is something that I have known that you probably did not.

I have been interested in the next level of photography for some time and out of the generosity and Christmas cheer of my wife, that will soon be made possible.



To Be or not to BE

open water to Iona

open water to Iona

The monastary of Iona Birthcenter of Christianity in Scotland

The monastery of Iona
Birthcenter of Christianity in Scotland

In route to Mann

In route to Mann

or at least that was the question of the hour. Scotland has chosen to remain a part of the larger United Kingdom which is something of a surprise. Several years ago, Jackie and I had the opportunity to visit Scotland and it was while en route to the Isle of Mann which led to the ferry to the Isle of Iona that we passed this castle. Iona is the birthplace of Christianity in Scotland.

Jackie and I felt a strange kinship with Scotland, a familiarity with which we weren’t familiar. Sounds strange as I say it, more like if We had been placed there by other circumstances in life we should have felt quite at home. We look forward to another time and another visit someday.

All photographs are available upon request.