To Be or not to BE

open water to Iona

open water to Iona

The monastary of Iona Birthcenter of Christianity in Scotland

The monastery of Iona
Birthcenter of Christianity in Scotland

In route to Mann

In route to Mann

or at least that was the question of the hour. Scotland has chosen to remain a part of the larger United Kingdom which is something of a surprise. Several years ago, Jackie and I had the opportunity to visit Scotland and it was while en route to the Isle of Mann which led to the ferry to the Isle of Iona that we passed this castle. Iona is the birthplace of Christianity in Scotland.

Jackie and I felt a strange kinship with Scotland, a familiarity with which we weren’t familiar. Sounds strange as I say it, more like if We had been placed there by other circumstances in life we should have felt quite at home. We look forward to another time and another visit someday.

All photographs are available upon request.

Desmond Down Under

Gerald Desmond bridge Circa October 1965

Gerald Desmond bridge
Circa October 1965

The Gerald Desmond bridge is slated for demolition with the next two years. Soon to be replaced by a bridge design found in Boston. This iconic and highly used bridge, strangely enough, holds a boatload of memories for anyone in the area who has ever traveled to San Pedro , ports o call or gone on a cruise.

I first became introduced to Desmond on a hot august day, traveling its path to my new home at the ripe age of 18. By the hospitality and expense of the U.S Navy, I became familiar with the roller coaster ride of the Desmond, each time either a sense of relief going into town or dread, going to the base.

My fondest memory was December 22, 1970. Crossing once again as I had so many times before, window down in Jackie’s truck (a good friend at the time), wind in my hair as I dangerously leaned out the window tossing my military hat to the depths below. Well, that’s the way I like to remember it.

Or how about the time Jackie (my good friend remember) and I crossed over to Mc Clouds ring works to pick out her rings for our future wedding. Oh, Desmond, you are a road well traveled and the holder of many memories.

I guess a picture is worth a thousand words.

Desmond Down Under will be for sale along with a few other photos. >

Next months post will explain in more detail.

In the spirit of Tour de France

there must be one in here for you

there must be one in here for you

fine tuning the spokes on a wheel

fine tuning the spokes on a wheel

an open door invitation

an open door invitation

bicycle means simplicity and simplicity means happiness

Mehmet Ildian
Slick bike shops are easy to come by, but every once in a while a shop with a sense of character, history and soul comes your way.
At least at first glance it could seem chaotic, but underneath the illusion of chaos there appears a quiet serenity and simplicity.
All these parts…for one thing…your bike!

A type of synergy vortexing into one place (could also be a new word).