Congressional Cup 2014

SteadyFinal stretch Close callSailing speaks many things.  Adventure, escape, teamwork, skill, relaxation, working with nature and understanding what your given and adjusting to it.

I first experienced it in the Navy.  At seventeen, 286 of us sailed half way around the world and it was the first time that I had been in a place where land was not to be seen. Reliance and teamwork become code for survival and theses pictures are reminders of our need for one another.


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Long Beach Skyline

Long Beach Skyline

The Panoramic Skyline is available.

Initially begun in January of 2014, it took some time to put this one together.  Genuine film photography, 10 separate photographs stitched together became 80″ long but had to be cropped a bit.  Photograph is generated by the Hasselblad 500, medium format camera.

This photograph is available in two stunning sizes:

10 1/2″ x  50″ –  $250.00

12″ x 60″ – $280.00